Why Slingshot?

we catapult ministries remarkably far!

Watch the video and discover why everyone needs a slingshot.

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you lead while we search.

We help churches find great leaders. We staff in any ministry expertise you can imagine from senior leadership to tech arts. Don’t drain your battery skimming through countless websites, resumes, and emails. Instead, stick to what’s important while we leverage our  vast national network and deep ministry experience to find the perfect fit for your church – one that hits the bullseye!

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great leaders need senseis.

Whether your church is growing too fast or too slow, battling a transition crisis, or simply needing an outside perspective, we’re here for you! Our team of expert coaches can help you get “unstuck” in the following categories:

  • Leadership Succession Planning
  • Multi-Site Strategy
  • Stewardship & Giving
  • Communications & Social Media
  • Worship & Creative Arts
  • Executive & Senior Level Coaching
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Our Team

Our people know people.

They are some of the most connected and experienced church leaders in the country. With resumes spanning from Willow Creek and Saddleback to Ecclesia and Newsong, they “get” your world and are ready to walk along side you in your journey all the way to “remarkable.”

“If you’re involved with the local Church, in anyway I want to whole-heartedly recommend Slingshot Group.”

- Paul Baloche, Worship Artist

“The Slingshot experience was priceless! Their capacity to coach us and take the entire vetting process off of our plate was a huge weight off.”

Jay Stearley,  Executive Pastor, Grace Church

“It wasn’t until Slingshot sat down with us, saw who we were and where we were headed, and gave us expert advice, that we found someone who is positioned to lead us to new levels.”

Jason Webb, Lead Pastor, Brooklife Church

“Slingshot helped us with an honest assessment of our strengths and weaknesses and helped us get a handle on the talent and skill-set we needed.”

Jim Phillips, Senior Pastor, Mountainview Church 

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Well, Lets Get Started!

Our team is available to you in-person, over Skype, by phone, email, or carrier pigeon (yes, we’ve trained some). Lets build something remarkable together…

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